pathways logo

Lifted Logic has been working on a lot of projects lately including the Pathways to Parenthood logo and website. Lifted Logic has had the opportunity to work on the rebranding, promotional items and most importantly website for the company. Here’s a little background information about one of the Pathways to Parenthood founders, Kerry Christifano:

“I am thrilled to finally offer individuals and couples the option of having a LOCAL full-service egg donor and surrogacy agency to assist them in their family building journey. I have been counseling individuals and couples for years regarding their struggles with infertility and decision-making about family building options. I also have extensive experience working in third-party reproduction. My experience includes working with individuals and couples, consulting with them about their plans to utilize a third party, an egg donor, a sperm donor, or gestational surrogate, to build their family. In addition, I have done countless psychological evaluations with potential egg donors and gestational surrogates to explore their family and personal history, as well as assess their psychological readiness to participate in third-party reproduction.”

Pathways to Parenthood

Make sure to go check out the Pathways to Parenthood website and Contact Us here at Lifted Logic in Lenexa if your company is in need of a new logo, promotional items or website.