At Lifted Logic, we love networking!  We have built our business from networking.  Social Media can never replace meeting potential customers face-to-face and talking in person.  We love visiting new networking events and look forward to seeing familiar faces at the networking organizations we belong to.  If you don’t belong to any networking groups, here are a few of our favorites:
On Tuesdays, there is the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce – Talking Tuesdays.  This is an amazing group of people and we love the way the meetings are structured.  On Wednesdays, once a month, we visit the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce.  If you haven’t visited this chamber yet, please do so.  We have made some amazing connections and look forward to making more lasting relationships.  RLI chapter meetings have also been a huge success for us; we have some great referral partners that help us weekly to meet our referral goals.  Once weekly, we also visit the Olathe Chamber of Commerce. Along with the strong leadership that this organization provides, we truly enjoy seeing the tried and true members every week.  Last but definitely not least, we enjoy finishing our Thursday evenings at the the Marty (which stands for Meet+Party).  There is always a friendly and familiar face here and we truly enjoy the fun atmosphere.
So the next time you are at one of these events, stop by to say hi!  And remember that the most important part of growing your business is meeting new people and finding connections.  If you are looking for an online media company to be a part of your networking organization, think of Lifted Logic!