andrew_hoverWhen one hears the words, “backend web developer,” they typically associate the phrase with complex, abstract codes and languages, and that there’s no creativity involved. Andrew Farinella, Lifted Logic’s incredibly talented backend web developer in Lenexa, puts many of those stereotypes to rest. While he knows huge variety of various code languages and technical components to web development, Lifted Logic’s backend web developer in Lenexa is extremely creative. He’s largely self-taught and learned his extensive knowledge of coding on his own from books. Andrew is passionate about music and produces his own music that he shares with the rest of the Lifted Logic team often.

As Lifted Logic’s backend web developer in Lenexa, Andrew comes to work each day ready to meet and exceed all our clients’ expectations. Andrew is driven by seeing the success of clients he’s done work for, and though he’s a mostly backend, code-driven web developer in Lenexa, he likes adding creative pieces on the frontend of websites as well, such as user interactivity functions. Andrew wants Lifted Logic’s clients to know what to expect with a talented backend web developer in Lenexa,

“You can expect a site that functions, that is easy to work with, that does what you want, that goes beyond what you want, and makes it not only an enjoyable experience for the client, but for their customers as well.”

Andrew, Lifted Logic’s backend web developer in Lenexa is committed to providing clients with incredibly beautiful and functional website. He draws inspiration from his music and his coworkers, who are equally inspired by his work. From building a website from scratch, to making backend adjustments and adding unique functionality throughout the build, there’s not much Andrew cannot do. He’s one of the best backend web developers in Lenexa, and we love having him around at Lifted Logic! To learn more about what Lifted Logic’s backend web developer, and the rest of the team, can do for you, just fill out the form below or give our office a call. We can’t wait to hear from you!