Lifted Logic has had the opportunity to work on several exciting logos in the last month and would love to help you grow your company with a bold new logo design! We have an in-house graphic designer who does all of our logo design work, which allows you to be a part of the logo design process. Here’s a little about how we work:

First, we like to sit down with you for a free meeting. We need to get to know your company in order for us to create the best logo design for you so we ALWAYS sit down to meet anyone before they become a client of Lifted Logic.

Then we hit the sketchbook and computer and crank out some bold and unique logos. We usually like to give you several different options in this first stage.

We meet again…. no really we have another meeting where we will show you this first round of logos to get your feedback on everything from colors to fonts. Once we have your input it’s back to the computer to refine the options and give you a couple final logos to look over and choose between.

Finally the hard part… you have to choose which logo you like best! Then we will work with you on how to integrate that logo in promotional items, your website, or any other use you can think of!

All in all that’s the rundown of how we create bold logo designs here at Lifted Logic. Feel free to check out our portfolio, and if you are interested in sitting down with us for a free meeting give us a call or fill out the contact form on the right! We hope to hear from you soon.