A recognizable brand is absolutely crucial for businesses, especially small, local businesses. At Lifted Logic, we specialize in branding services in Liberty, and all around the world for our clients. Effective branding is so important because it’s your company’s face to the world. We’ve got a talented, in-house designer who works with clients to design custom logos, business cards, and dozens of other types of marketing and brand materials to provide our clients with the best branding services in Liberty.

cleaner-image-logoLogo Design

We’ve done some awesome logo design work for our clients who’ve seen their brand’s recognizability skyrocket! Our designer works to build a client’s logo from scratch. Unique colors and images are thoughtfully selected with the specific company in mind to provide a basis for the rest of the branding materials. A beautiful logo can really set a company apart from the rest, and is the foundation of an effective marketing and advertising campaign.

unique business cards in kansas cityBusiness Cards

If you’ve seen one of Lifted Logic’s business cards, you know exactly how unique they are (If you haven’t had the pleasure of receiving one of our cards, check out the picture!). We strive to leave all our clients as satisfied with their business cards as we are with ours. We work with unique materials and finishes to impress anyone who may receive your business card. We’ll integrate your new logo design and color scheme onto the cards as part of our branding services in Liberty to create a cohesive material that guarantees your company is putting its best foot forward.

Promotional Videos

Our in-house videographer is ridiculously talented. She’s won multiple awards for her videos and really knows how to capture a moment in a way that’ll have the most impact on viewers (check out one of her videos!). Lifted Logic’s branding services in Liberty can include videos that are great for marketing your company to the world, because they give potential clients a chance to connect with you in a way that is not possible through content alone. With an original promotional video, you’re able to engage viewers and familiarize them with your company before they even pick up the phone or come to your location, building a valuable trust in your business.

Trust Lifted Logic for Your Branding Services in Liberty

At Lifted Logic, we provide almost any type of branding and advertising material you can think of. We can provide you with physical print materials, like business cards, price labels, and postcards, and we can provide you with online SEO content and professional videos and photos on your website. When you turn to Lifted Logic for your branding services in Liberty, you’re putting your business’s best foot forward for all your clients and potential clients. Just fill out the form below or call our office to get in touch with us about your project today! We can’t wait to hear from you!