Business Cards in Kansas City- Unique Designs by Lifted Logic

Business Cards in Kansas CityLooking for new, original business cards in Kansas City?  Lifted Logic offers unique designs and materials to help your business cards stand out from the competition.  Don’t let your company’s business cards get lost in the pile!  Lifted Logic’s experienced graphic designers will design a business card that is dynamic, easy-to-read and representative of your brand.

A business card may very well be a potential client’s first visual impression of you or your business.  Don’t miss this opportunity to present your company as a professional business with a clear vision and goals.  Our graphic designers will expertly use elements and principles of design, considering color, texture, depth and visual flow to create an interesting but readable card that contains all the information your potential clients will need.  Whether we use your existing logo or create an entirely fresh design, we guarantee your business card will be as unique as your business.  Lifted Logic uses high quality printing and materials to create a product that won’t get lost in the bottom of a purse or portfolio.

In addition to professional design, materials really do make the difference.  Lifted Logic offers raised ink, embossing, extra thick cards or even see-through cards!  Lifted Logic recently printed their own business cards on the thick, clear stock and you wouldn’t believe how many compliments we’ve received.  No one will forget you or your business with a business card this unique.

With so many options for business cards in Kansas City, we hope you contact Lifted Logic for a unique, one-of-a-kind design.  Call us at 816-298-7018 to learn more about what we offer.