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If you ask most people what search engine optimization (SEO) is, you’ll get a mix of mostly inaccurate responses along with a lot of “I don’t knows.” As an SEO in Kansas City, Lifted Logic has realized, through our numerous meetings day in and day out, that many people are grossly misinformed about what SEO actually entails. Together with Lifted Logic, your SEO in Kansas City, we are going to go through some common SEO myths and bust them wide open.

SEO is full of tricks and voodoo

If you have any hands-on experience with SEO, or you’ve sat through one of Lifted Logic’s explanations of SEO, you know that this is just not true.A really good refutation of this myth comes from a recent article from Search Engine Watch:

“Search is based on an algorithm. Algorithms are math. Math means you can test against it and see what works and what doesn’t. If SEO were Voodoo or Bovine Feces this would not be possible as all we would be doing is guessing and we could never replicate our results. However, we do.”

If you’ve been led to believe that SEO is full of tricks, you have most likely been victim of a black-hat SEO. When SEO is referred to as tricky, we can typically infer that that particular SEO has been doing things incorrectly and manipulating the system. As your SEO in Kansas City, Lifted Logic strives to educate you on how SEO really works.

Link building is dead

Google’s John Mueller recently declared that link building is something to “try to avoid.” Many people misinterpreted this statement to mean that link building is now dead. In the past, “link building” has been associated with some black-hat SEO practices like buying links and link farming, and now the term triggers alarms in some people’s heads.

In all actuality, search engines, including Google, still use link authority and anchor text signals as a key ranking factor. White-hat link building, in which your SEO in Kansas City builds legitimate, useful links, is a constantly proven SEO and marketing practice.

SEO is dead

With new tools like Google Answers, many people are saying that SEO is dead. This is about the opposite of the truth. Interestingly enough, it’s estimated that only 4.7% of Google searches actually result in an answer box. Plus, users that see Google Answers boxes typically click through to other websites as well.

You will never see a legitimate SEO or anyone in the industry say that SEO is dead. As the choice for SEO in Kansas City, Lifted Logic knows and believes that organic SEO is the number one way to get people to a website. This has been proven time and time again and as long as people are finding what they need online, SEO will never be dead.

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