new website in kansas cityAs an internet consultancy based in Overland Park, Lifted Logic has launched hundreds of new websites in Kansas City. No matter how many websites we create, it’s always an extremely exciting moment when a new website in Kansas City launches. It’s a moment to look back at all of the time and energy that was invested in the process by the business owners and our own team, as well as to look to the positive impact the new website will have for that business.

Why not celebrate your new website in Kansas City with a launch party? Consider throwing an event for your customers, investors, staff and friends to show off your slick new website. Your guests will be able to see the fresh, dynamic aesthetics of your new website, along with all of the easy-to-use new features and accessible functionality.

Is your staff at all apprehensive about using the new website? Schedule a fun and educational event for your staff to show them just how easy it is to navigate and manage your business’s new website. Lifted Logic is happy to provide training sessions with each website that we design and develop. Our website training is designed to help your staff feel confident about using the new website, as well as performing back-end management and analysis through Google Analytics.

Because every website Lifted Logic designs is responsive to various screen sizes, your website can be viewed clearly on mobile devices, tablets, standard laptop or desktop screens, or televisions. This feature is great for launch parties, as the website will display beautifully for a presentation on a large screen.

Contact Lifted Logic today about presenting your new website in Kansas City with a launch party. We look forward to hearing from you!