Is your business in Lenexa in need of a branding overhaul?

Start from scratch and build it from the ground up, this is how Lifted Logic works for a branding overhaul. Our recipe of passion, one-on-one communication  design skills and coffee have helped many businesses get a branding makeover and excel their business! How do we do it? We’ll break it down for you…

First, we gotta meet you! We want to get to know you and your business inside and out. This is important to us and should be important to you also when looking for a company to work with. Meeting with you allows us to asses what you want, need and dream of having done and what kind of budget you are wanting to stay within. Once we asses your businesses needs, and map out a plan of action we get to work!

This is the part where we work our magic, and creativity, branding your company based on the info we gained from talking to you. There are checkpoint in the process for you to see whats being made and give us feedback! Each branding experience is unique to the client, but we ensure the same amount of quality and passion in ALL of our work.

If you want to see on of our branding overhauls check out Evolve PPC! Evolve PPC is a paleo chef and catering company that we had the opportunity to work with on several great projects from a logo to an e-commerce site and even large banners and signs!

If your would like to get in contact with us about a branding overhaul for your business in Lenexa please fill out the contact form on the right. We will call you shortly to set up a meeting to see how we can help your business with our branding services!