What is Creative Consulting, and do I need it?

Creative consulting is the process of taking a consultants creative skills, research of the market, and your company’s personality and then finding a way to best use these aspects to create an engaging product. Sounds simple enough right? Well there is a lot that goes into creative consulting from evaluating who your target audience is to choosing what font face is going to best portray your message. Think of it as the feng shui of the design world. Your creative consultant has to be able to interpret your ideas, translate them to a visual thing but also elevate them past your expectations and produce an end product better and more effective than you were envisioning.

marketing failIf you think about memorable companies throughout the years, they all have implemented campaigns that were¬†meticulously planned out and thought through by creative strategists. Some of the top companies for marketing in 2012 included Nike, Geico, Apple, Budweiser, FedEx, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, IBM, Toyota ans Samsung. But for every successful campaign there have been countless failures, just check out this article about 15 advertising blunders to see what i’m talking about. So creative consulting is starting to sound better and better right? Are you starting to think that a little creative consulting could go a long way for yout company in Johnson County? Well here’s the easy part… Fill out the form on the right, and Lifted Logic will contact you as soon as we can to set up a free meeting with out creative strategist in Johnson County to evaluate your company’s current tactics and discuss how the team here at Lifted Logic can help save you from any potential marketing fails. We can’t wait to meet with you and get to know your company in Johnson County better!