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Lifted Logic’s award-winning graphic design team does more than build spectacular custom websites. Learn about our graphic design services.

In one way or another, graphic design is part of almost everything we do at Lifted Logic. It’s been one of the driving forces behind our company since the very beginning, and it’s what makes us stand apart from the crowd. At Lifted Logic, we create completely custom websites, designing each and every visual element from scratch. Because of this, we rely heavily on our graphic designers, and we’ve hand-picked some of the best ones around.

Graphic design is a visual language uniting harmony and balance, color and light, scale and tension, form and content. – Jessica Helfand

Digital Design Services

Of course, we build websites. Check out our web design case studies for examples of our work in this department. But our graphic designers don’t stop there. They’re also skilled in creating dynamic online advertisements, brilliant infographics, trendy marketing elements for social media, and anything else that can be designed for the web.

Print Design Services

Looking for something a little more tangible? Contact Lifted Logic about print design services. Something as small as a business card can have a huge effect on your business. Just think of what a direct mail campaign or a catalog could do!

Complete Brand Identity Services

Let Lifted Logic’s talented team of graphic designers and consultants work with you to establish a consistent, effective brand identity. We’ll start with the basics, considering your company goals and values. From there we will build a solid library of color schemes, fonts, logos, and other design elements that clearly represent who you are and what you do.

To learn more about any of these graphic design services, as well as large-format design services, sign and banner design services, and logo design services, please get in touch by completing the contact form.

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