Sing it loud, sing it proud…logo design and brand standard services by Lifted Logic

As one of the first representations of your company, an easily identifiable logo is the most essential part of brand identity. After our initial brand strategy meetings, Lifted Logic’s graphic designers and consultants will design and present distinctive custom logo options that work in harmony with your branding. A solid logo lets your customers and prospects know who you are and what you do. It separates you from the competition in a crowded marketplace and forms an expectation in the mind of the viewer.

Logo vs. Wordmark: What’s the Dif?

A wordmark is a logo, but not every logo is a wordmark. Confused? Don’t be. All you need to know is that a wordmark is a text-based logo. Since a wordmark doesn’t contain extra graphics or flourishes, it can be a direct, no-nonsense way of presenting the name of your company, but with enough styling to present your visual brand identity. Logos include additional design elements that a viewer can associate with your business.

The Design Process…What to Expect

Once we’ve established some fundamental brand decisions (company name, slogan, color schemes, etc.), the design process for a logo takes about two weeks. During that time, Lifted Logic’s designers will present various logo options based on your brand standards. We want you to be a part of the process, so you will have the opportunity to voice your opinion throughout the design development!

Keeping it Classy: Lifted Logic’s Brand Standard Services

We’re almost at the finish line. You’ve selected the perfect logo and it’s almost time to show it to the world. Before that happens, it’s important to make sure everyone who may be using the logo (and associated fonts, colors and styling) are all on the same page. This is where brand standards come in, also known as style manuals or style guides. It is a set of standards to use when designing any documents, signs, or other graphics that are associated with your company. Brand standards help to ensure that your visual identity stays true to the original design and faithfully represents your brand. Lifted Logic’s graphic designers and brand specialists will present you with a collection of logos, color palates, font files, icons, other essential graphic elements, and any notes about how or where to use your logo.


Now what? Where to use your “brand spanking” new logo…


Digital Applications
    • Website Header – Tell users who you are as soon as they land on your site. Clicking on the logo in a website header typically takes the user to the website’s home page.
    • Favicon – For having dimensions of only 16×16 pixels, this icon has an important job! A favicon is a representation of your logo that appears in the address bar next to your website’s url. It helps users keep track of your site in their browser and also lets them identify your site in their bookmarks.
    • Social Media – Be sure to use your logo as your profile image in your company’s various social media accounts.
    • Email Signature and E-Newsletters – Include an embedded logo image in your email signature for a polished and professional sign-off.


Print Applications
    • Business Cards – Your logo will be the main feature of your business cards, so make sure it’s awesome!
    • Brochures – Incorporate your logo into any brochures, catalogs, or other informative print material. You may even use it a few times throughout.
    • Product Labels and Packaging – Make sure your customers know what their getting by having your logo front-and-center on any product.
    • Direct Mail and Print Ad Campaigns – Brand recognition is essential for any advertising campaign, so make sure your logo is prominent.

 So let’s get coffee and discuss logos…We swear, it’s more fun than it sounds!

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