We here at Lifted Logic know that it isn’t always possible to hire a graphic designer for every item your company needs, but we still want your company to look its best no matter what so we have come up with a few design tips for those times when hiring a graphic designer just isn’t an option.

First, remember that your don’t need to use every effect you can; one or two can give you enough visual interest, without over designing. Try picking two different effects for photos, like a stroke and rounded corners, and alternate between which one you use to have a little variety.

Second, be mindful or your fonts and colors. Try picking one font for headings, one for your body text, and an “accent” font to use sparingly. Same goes for colors, thy to have a light color, a dark color and a neutral color to balance between.

Finally, you want thing to coordinate with each other but that doesn’t mean you have to make them identical. Don’t be afraid to have some variety in your pieces but make sure that if they were set out on the same table that they aren’t competing for attention or distracting. Try using either the same fonts or colors, but not both.

With all the tools at your disposal, and a million tutorials online it is manageable for someone to create a well designed piece for their company in Shawnee using these three design tips. If you are needing more complex pieces, or are looking for a company to work with for both print and digital materials the full-service in-house team at Lifted Logic can help. All you have to do is fill out the quick contact form on the right to contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly to set up a meeting to discuss your company’s needs in Shawnee.