Ecommerce Website in Olathe from the Professionals at Lifted Logic

Does your business need an ecommerce Website in Olathe?  Lifted Logic has been providing high-end ecommerce websites in Olathe and the greater Kansas City area for the past seven years. We love learning about new Olathe businesses, and meeting with existing Olathe businesses that are entering the ecommerce arena.

Custom Ecommerce Website for Evolve Paleo by Lifted Logic
Custom Ecommerce Website for Evolve Paleo by Lifted Logic


At Lifted Logic, we have a staff of talented graphic designers that design ecommerce websites that are contemporary, effective and representative of the business’s brand.  As soon as a visitor comes to your site, our graphic design and layout will let the visitor know exactly who you are, what you do and where to go.  With clear calls-to-action like “order now” or “shop online”, visitors will never be confused about how to interact with your ecommerce website.  Lifted Logic also offers professional product photography.  Let Lifted Logic show your products in the best light possible!  Each product can be set up with multiple views so your customers can view the features that make your products unique.

We know how important it is for your Olathe business to be able to quickly and easily manage your online orders.  With a custom ecommerce website by Lifted Logic, you will be able to add and change products.  You can also manage product categories and variations in products (like t-shirt sizes). You can add or edit coupons for your ecommerce website, including coupons for certain products, for the whole cart, or for shipping discounts. You will also have the ability to export reports for daily, weekly or yearly sales.

Once the visitor selects products, it’s important to ensure they complete the payment process as quickly and easily as possible.  You can choose to use an external processor outside of your site (Lifted Logic will ensure the payment screen is visually connected to your website) or we will embed the processor directly within your site.

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