WordPress App

Download the WordPress App today and you can blog, post pictures and edit content from anywhere.

We ask all of our clients to blog frequently (more frequently than most have time for).  Being that we work with a lot of small businesses, most of our clients are wearing many hats.  Webmaster, as exciting a job as that sounds to us, is not high on the fun-o-meter for most.  A good alternative we have found to sitting on the computer every day to blog is to do it on the go.  For those of you that have a smartphone it can be as easy as opening your market and searching “WordPress”.  After install and setup, you will see a mobile dashboard, from which you can select from new page,  quick photo (my favorite), new post, quick video, edit posts and pages, approve comments, look at stats, adjust settings or read.  If that isn’t enough, you can click on the top right and view the entire desktop WordPress dashboard.  Every one of our clients can use this app to benefit both their website and business.  Every time a project is finished, shoot a quick video of a testimonial; when a new cake is baked, snap a picture conveniently from your phone, and bam! – they’re on your site!!


If you need help getting wordpress -the wordpress app – and your Apple iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile phone working together, call 816.298.7018.