educational website design in kansas cityLifted Logic would love to work with you on educational website designs in Kansas City! At Lifted Logic, we love that so many of our clients have very different aesthetics in mind for their website designs. Some of our clients are looking for a very professional style for their corporate businesses. Others are wanting a more organic look that makes the user feel comfortable and welcome. One of the most fun styles to work on are educational website designs in Kansas City. At Lifted Logic, we always design our websites with the end user in mind. When designing a website with a child’s aesthetics, we love to use fun colors and interesting textures. Bold outlines and interesting shapes are always fun as well. We believe that you can create an educational website design in Kansas City that is easy to use, but also challenging when needed. We also like to incorporate music and sound that is activated by the users’ actions. Kids love to see that their actions have an effect…with motion-activated buttons that jump or shake when clicked, kids can see that they are in control of what is happening!

Lifted Logic’s designers and developers would love to work with educators, therapists and child-care providers to create custom, educational website designs in Kansas City. To contact the friendly professionals at Lifted Logic, fill out the forms below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!