SEO can either make or break a company. Bad SEO can make a business seem cheap or schemy, which is definitely not the image anyone wants to put forth. Search Engine Land posted a really good article about ethical SEO services and how using some simple practices creates lasting, effective SEO. We’re going to go through some of their tips, and show you how Lifted Logic has the most ethical SEO services in Kansas City.

SEO_Ethical-300x222Follow Google’s Guidelines

Google makes clear what practices will get a website to the top of the search results and what will not. They have published a great online guide  to writing the best SEO content for sites, making it hard for any professional SEO to claim ignorance about Google’s guidelines. Some may not enjoy Google’s guidelines, or see them as too constrictive, its still best to follow their rules. Simply put: following the rules can only help you, not hurt why not abide by them? While using these guidlines certainly help a website’s ranking chances, there’s still other great methods that are ethical and get a site ranked higher, it’s just a matter of knowing exactly what you’re doing.

Quit Using Unsustainable SEO Methods

There’s two categories of SEO in relation to ethics: White-Hat SEO and Black-Hat SEO. As a part of Lifted Logic’s commitment to providing ethical SEO services in Kansas City, we only use white-hat SEO methods. A black-hat SEO is constantly trying to bend the rules and find loopholes to increase search engine ranking, instead of just spending that time doing things the correct way. When loopholes in search engines’ guidelines are discovered, many SEOs will flock to it without a thought of the potential consequences. Eventually, the search engines are going to pick up on what the cheaters are up to, and shut it down. The best way to create lasting, optimized content is to use only white-hat methods. Yes, it’s not the easiest method, but it’s easily the best. Search Engine Land sums this tip up well, “Just because an opportunity exists does not mean you should go there.”

Be Honest About Expectations

Everyone in the SEO business knows that an SEO service who guarantees the absolute top Google result instantly is a big fat liar. They are probably both a really clueless SEO and see black-hat SEO methods as the only option. When you turn to Lifted Logic for ethical SEO services in Kansas City, we’ll be totally honest about what we can do for your company. No one can guarantee the number one spot, but we’ll get you onto the front page quickly. We’ll also tell you that after you hire us for SEO services, you won’t see instant results. It normally takes anywhere from six weeks to six months before the real, significant results of your SEO efforts begin to be seen. We’re up front about the reality of SEO and our clients are all the more successful and satisfied for it.

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