Featured Video in Stilwell, KS

Stilwell, Kansas, located next to Overland Park, marks its small town identity with low cost land value, abandoned farms, and suburb community. Recently, Stilwell’s open fields and low population caught the attention of one of Lifted Logic’s videographers, who created a short feature video about the horrors of an abandoned warehouse. Take a look at this week’s featured video in Stilwell, Kansas!


This featured video in Stilwell, KS, was shot and edited here in local Kansas City. Lifted Logic’s cinematic and artistic style separates us from other local video companies. Lifted Logic’s team is able to utilize their equipment, materials, and shooting location to produce the best work possible for not only our clients, but personal projects as well.┬áStorytelling is one of our specialties when it comes to producing videos. Whether it’s a short story, music video, product promotion or testimonial, Lifted Logic is prepared with the right tools to help your company promote a custom video created in Kansas City. Our videographers’ work demonstrates not only the talents in Lifted Logic’s video production team, but also their versatility.
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