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Lifted Logic, a Kansas City-based web design and web development company, offers detailed, accurate, and free web design quotes in Springfield, MO and all over the world.

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What our free web design quotes include:

When you open your quote from Lifted Logic (which will exist on it’s own, password protected, web page) you’ll be viewing a story. It’s a story of how our team of talented designers, developers, copywriters, social media specialists and marketing experts will turn your existing (or nonexistent!) website into a strategic device engineered to draw traffic and achieve your online business goals. And the story we share won’t skimp on the details. We will explain, in terms you and your staff will understand, the best practices and steps we will take to generate the website of your dreams. Your free web design quote will include overall design elements, including homepage design, navigation design, subpage design, effective calls-to-action, use of high quality images and videos, and dynamic interactive elements. Also included in your free web design quote is information on the website’s content management system; how to manage contact submissions and information from additional fillable forms; search engine optimization; website revisions and training; social media strategy; website security and hosting; e-commerce functionality (if applicable) and more! Our clients constantly remark on how complete and informative our free web design quotes are, and we’re happy to hear it!

What our free web design quotes don’t include:

At Lifted Logic, we aren’t always going to tell you what you want to hear. We’ve seen a lot of websites and we know what works and what doesn’t. There’s a good chance we will see some flaws in your current website design that you may not have noticed. Don’t feel bad- we’re just perfectionists! So in Lifted Logic’s free web design quotes, we won’t shy away from pointing out those aspects of your web design that aren’t working well. Our quotes also won’t include a lot of fluff. We want to paint a picture, but we are quick to get to the point without all the jive.

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