Have you ever Googled something in Overland Park, and then Googled the same thing in Lee’s Summit and gotten totally different results? This is most likely due to the results being part of a Google Places page. Take a look at the image at the right. It is a Google result for “mechanic”. The Google Places results are in the red box. These will change depending on where you are when you Google. If you are in Overland Park, it will show you local results for Overland Park based business’. If you are in Lee’s Summit, it will show you local results for Lee’s Summit.

This is a great way to get your Overland Park based business, your Lee’s Summit based business, or your business in any other part of the Kansas City metro ranked higher on Google.

Google has put an emphasis on serving it’s user with the most local relevant content. That is often why you will see the Google Places results above the actual organic listing. (but still below a few ads). This can be huge for your Kansas City based business in terms of optimizing your site for search engines and establishing incoming links to your site.