how-would-you-like-your-graphic-designThere’s a running joke in the design world about “How do you take your design?” The idea behind this joke is that there are a few “categories” of graphic design and you can usually only pick two of the categories. The categories for graphic design are fast, cheap, great, and free… As you can see from the chart, graphic designers cringe at the realm of free because while we want every piece we design to be great, it’s hard to dedicate a lot of time to a job we know we aren’t getting paid for (unless it’s for a cause we are passionate about, like this charity here.) So that leaves you with three categories of graphic design; fast, cheap and great! We all want to be in the design utopia that has a perfect balance of all three, but since that on occasion here is a breakdown of which two you should aim for for different types of graphic design jobs:

Fast and Cheap: This is the target area for if the piece is needed on short notice, and isn’t a key piece to the event.

Fast and Great: Use this for central/key items that are on a short deadline.

Great and Cheap: If you don’t have a tight deadline this is perfect. The designer can work on it in small chunks over time and then give you a final product.

The team here at Lifted Logic has an in-house graphic designer who loves working with clients to help them take ideas from their head, to a visual. We do our best to be as close to graphic design utopia as we can be. To do this we are effective in time management; making sure that we are well prepared before the job even begins helps us do this saving time and money and we offer our clients options to choose from so everyone can find a design that they love. If you are interested in seeing how Lifted Logic can help your business in Gardner Kansas with our graphic design services please fill out the form on the right and we will contact you shortly to set up a meeting!