Growing slowly but surely online in Kansas City with organic Search Engine Optimization… and how that’s different from paid AdWords.  One of the most common questions we get from customers is “How to I increase my rank in Google?”

There are two main ways to increase your Google rank.  One is through organic SEO, which is tied into both how your website is built and how you manage your website.  The second way is to pay for advertising, such as using Google Adwords.

Both of these have their benefits, which is good to remember.  With Adwords, you have to be smarter than the system.  Plotting out and planning which words you’ll pay for can make or break your advertising campaign.  If you choose the wrong words, people click on your site and will immediately leave.  You just paid for that click and got no business.  However, if you choose the right words, potential customers will come to your site and stay their longer, because your website IS what they were searching for!  Maybe they didn’t know about your company, but the products or services you sell match what they’re looking for.  Which is where we can help – help you decide the right words to use, help you decide on a strong daily, weekly, or monthly advertising budget, or manage your campaign for you.

With organic Search Engine Optimization, it’s partially based on how your website was built.  If your site isn’t structured correctly, we would probably recommend restructuring it before beginning any other SEO work.  It’s like your house – if your foundation is caving in, you would probably want to fix that before adding a second story addition to your home.  However, once the founation is correct, then it’s easy to add good content to your site that can help you move up higher in Google’s rankings.  We all know how Google works – it’s based on your potential customers typing in search terms that hopefully match to exact or similar words in your own website.  So the more content that you can put on your site that can help link to what customers are searching for, the more likely you’ll show up sooner in results.

Let us at Lifted Logic know if we can help you or your company with either organic SEO or AdWords – we are experts on these topics and can certainly help you get started!