We all know communication is key. Lifted Logic has some tips on how to best communicate with your web developer in Kansas City.

When working together on a project, it is essential that each member of the group feels that they understand each other and the process. This can be hard to do within a single company, and can be even more challenging when individuals with completely different backgrounds and skill sets come together. At Lifted Logic, we take the time to ensure easy and efficient communication with all of our clients. Here are a few tips to help keep the conversations successful for both parties!

1. Bring beer.

Just kidding. But at Lifted Logic we do love to change up the locations of our client meetings! If you have a favorite place in Kansas City, we’d love to meet you there, be it a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, gym, museum, or even dog park. Sometimes a neutral and interesting meeting location can make both parties feel more comfortable and can even lead to inspiration.

communicating with web developer in kansas city2. Ask questions.

It is so important that everyone involved in the project understand what’s going on. If we use a term you aren’t familiar with, or if you are concerned about a particular aspect of the site or the process, please don’t hesitate to ask! We are more than happy to spend time clarifying any questions you may have. And, rest assured, we will be asking you plenty of questions ourselves!

3. Be clear in your requests…Examples help!

When working with a web developer in Kansas City, it’s important to be as clear with your requests as possible. Think about the language that you are using. Vague phrases like “make it better,” or “I like it,” are less helpful than “I dislike the way the colors aren’t the same here,” or “I like the way the button changes color when I click it.” If you see examples of website design for functionality you do or don’t like, be sure to send us those links!

Now you’re ready to communicate with a web developer in Kansas City…click here to schedule a free consultation for your new site! We’ll bring the beer.