Intuitive Website Design in Lenexa by Lifted Logic

York CompaniesCould your Lenexa business benefit from intuitive website design?  Lifted Logic’s team of experienced website developers and designers have been providing intuitive website design in Lenexa for the past five years.  At Lifted Logic, we understand the importance of intuitive website design in Lenexa.  We’ve seen so many Lenexa businesses come to us with existing websites that are difficult to navigate and confusing to the visitor’s eye.  With a redesigned, intuitive website by the professionals at Lifted Logic, visitors to your site will have no questions about how to explore your site, find out more about your business, contact you, or complete a purchase in your eCommerce store.

The whole idea behind an intuitive website design is for visitors to naturally navigate your website.  From the first view of your landing page, the visitor should be able to clearly decide where next to go.  Are they looking for contact information for your business?  This will be clearly displayed on the homepage, with an additional tab in the heading that directs them to more in-depth contact information.  Is the visitor’s goal to view your portfolio? This can be accomplished with a simple click of the mouse to the “View Our Work” tab.  By naming this tab with a verb, rather than a noun, the visitor is invited to take action and interact with the site.  If you are wanting to sell products or services from your website, continue the theme of intuitive actions such as “order online” or “get a free quote”.

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