Is video the next big thing in web design?  At Lifted Logic, we sure think so.  Video will be the next big push in web design.  Websites that are being built with homepage photography sliders are being replaced with websites that have large, fullscreen photos, which are being replaced by websites that have fullscreen HD videos.  We are excited to help push this transition as we have a full-time videographer hired to help expand this department.  We have been getting request after request asking us to build a website around their video, or if we can make a video and install it on their homepage, or if we can embed Vimeo videos throughout their site.  At Lifted Logic, we believe that nothing allows customers to truly get a feel of what your company does or what you sell than through a video.  We like to think that when they come to your location, it’s a second meeting, as they’ve already met you and your company through the video.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are interested in embedding Videos on your website, make sure your website is mobile optimized, so the video can be viewed on all size tablets, phones, and monitors.  At Lifted Logic, we focus on using the latest equipment, software, and production skills to create the highest quality HD videos possible.   Lifted Logic is interested in producing videos that highlight businesses in the area, but creating artistic videos as opposed to your typical commercial.  Contact us today at 816-298-7018 with questions or if you’re interested in a fullscreen video for your company in the Kansas City area and we can discuss different options for your company!