Is your website responsive?  Why it should be… and how this affects your business.  At Lifted Logic, we are the first to admit that technology is constantly changing.  Originally there was no such thing as a “smart phone” or “tablet”, therefore websites were never built to be viewed on small screens.  Also, just within the last few years, has the popularity of having remote internet access on your phone or tablet, become popular.  It wasn’t too long ago that the cell phones we used were those great walkie-talkie ones from Sprint… remember them?  adam fichman's old phone

Anyway, back to today.  Now we are all looking at websites on our phones constantly, and even placing orders for things on them.  We admit, sometimes it’s a challenge to do this, and in certain circumstances, ordering on a tablet or laptop is much easier….

So, what is important today, is to have a website that is responsive, which means mobile friendly!  This means that the website will never stretch out any wider than the width of the device it’s being used on.   So your website automatically resizes to be the width of your phone’s or tablet’s screen, leaving you to simply scroll up and down.  The menu should resize to be a clickable dropdown, or can be reworked so only certain parts of the menu are visible on a smaller screen.

Grab your phone and go online.  Go check out any number of websites, and you’ll find you not only have to zoom in again and again with your fingers, then you’ll have to scroll back and forth each time you try to read something else.  It’s not easy, and we’re the first ones to admit that.  If you want to make your customers happier, and possibly grab leads while your customers are simply killing time, then it’s time for a mobile-optimized site.