We get so many calls and emails looking for “a quick website quote”. Usually our first response is that we need to know more. Without knowing all of the functionality you’re needing, whether or not you have material to provide (i.e. quality copy and photography), and most importantly, what defines a successful website to you, it’s hard to give a quote!

There are many reasons for a having website: marketing, lead generation, community awareness, a billing system, a customer management system, or maybe all of the above. Just telling us that it is an “easy/simple” website probably means that maybe all of the variables haven’t been hammered out yet.


Hands down, any time transfer of money is involved, things get complicated. Every aspect of an e-commerce is unique and has limitless possibilities with varying amounts of time investments (which means money in our world)!  Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before asking for a quick quote is: who is handling PCI compliance, do we need to encrypt any user data, what gateway will be used, what processor will be used, what type of product are being sold (digital or physical), how is shipping handled (USPS, UPS, flat rate, etc.), does shipping need to calculate live based on product weight/size, how will sales tax be handled… you get the point!

This is one of the most overlooked parts of a website quote.  Many clients want a new, flashy site, but don’t want to pay much for hosting, so they go to any number of large shared hosting companies.  This is where we see disaster strike.  That video that we built into your home page?  Expect it to take minutes to load.  That shopping cart system?  The page just sits there when you try to open it.  We don’t believe a quality website should be hosted on a sub-par hosting environment, as all the beautiful parts of the site are overlooked while customers are sitting there….. waiting…..

As you can see it is impossible to give a “quick quote”. Just within the questions above a site could range from $1,500 – $50,000. As a consultancy we work backwords with our clients. First we determine a budget and the end goal that we are trying to accomplish.  If you come to us with a budget in mind, and a general idea of expectations, we can help you understand if you expectations are reasonable or unrealistic!  Everyone wants to buy a high-end car for the cost of a junker. Everyone wants a mansion for the price of a 2 bed/1 bath. Through communication, honesty, and setting realistic exceptions paired with a budget, Lifted Logic is able to build it once, and build it right!  Contact Lifted Logic today to throw your craziest website ideas or toughest questions at us, and we’ll take the time to listen to you and explain our answers.