Before you turn to a web agency, bust through the myths of Kansas City web design!

If you are thinking about redesigning your company’s website, it is important to get all the facts before you invest in your company’s future! What is the difference between all the Kansas City web design companies? We know you are probably lost in the fog when trying to find a website agency who you can build a relationship with. Most companies will sell you a template and “customize” it. Let Lifted Logic clear up the fog with a couple of the recent Kansas City web design myths we busted!

nofillerMyth #1 – Purchasing a template is the only way to create a beautiful (and easy) Kansas City web design.

Busted! A template will not be able to capture the wonderful back story of your company.
You need to stand out in a crowded place and show your customer that you are more than just another service provider. It may be easy to purchase a template but, in the long-run, you may find yourself dealing with more website problems.

Myth #2 – Kansas City web design is the only service I need for my redesign.

Busted! When companies desire to change their website, they are also wanting to change their digital identity (also called brand identity)! Confused on brand identity? Using Facebook as an example, how upset do users get whenever a simple feature changes? Even if you do not realize your brand identity, it is there. Users are accustomed to the way your current site looks. With that being said, users also do not like out-dated websites. As a company owner, you have to find the happy medium! Lifted Logic offers assistance in establishing your new, or refining your existing, brand identity.


It is important to remember that your site should represent your company online. Do you want your company to look like everybody else’s? Of course not! Lifted Logic offers template-free Kansas City web design. We love to get to know Kansas City companies. Introduce yourself by clicking the button on the left or by following the link! We look forward to having a cup of coffee with you.