Kansas City Web Design Testimonials- Lifted Logic

At Lifted Logic, we know if may be difficult to find helpful Kansas City web design testimonials.  That is why we asked a few of our clients to explain what it was like to work with Lifted Logic.  These video testimonials offer an in-depth look at the projects we’ve worked on with individual clients.  Since every website we build is unique to the business goals of that individual, you will be able to see a wide variety of the types of websites Lifted Logic can create and various features that may be effective for your own website.  Here’s a testimonial from Kevin York of York Companies. Lifted Logic created a beautiful, custom website for York Companies as well as a high quality video which highlighted their incredible fiberglass pool installations as well as their indoor and outdoor contracting services.  In his testimonial, Kevin explains the positive effects of Lifted Logic’s enthusiasm and continued support.

Here’s a few of our favorite quotes from Kevin York.

“We chose Adam with Lifted Logic mainly because of his and his staff’s enthusiasm for our project.”

“The internet is where people are finding us.  They have made us look better, made it easier for clients to find us.”

“I was so excited initially seeing the video they did. I was like a kid watching his favorite cartoon and I still get that way each time I show it to someone else and I see their reactions.”

“If I could describe Lifted Logic in one word, I would say ‘awesome.’ Everything they did, from the design, the equipment, the ideas, the thoughts…it’s just been a great experience.”

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