Lifted Logic helps take your ideas and turn them into a unique web design! We design and build websites that help your business take it’s ideas and translate them into a unique web design that is visually interesting as well as being functional and easy for you to update and edit. We have worked with a wide range of clients, all from different industries, that have unique needs from their website ranging from membership login, registration, and e-commerce.

Lifted Logic is a group of creatives and developers who work together to make web designs that are not only interesting and unique but that function how your business needs them to, smoothly and tailored to your online needs as a business. We know there are a lot of big design companies in Kansas City but working with a smaller company gives you a one-on-one interaction with the web designer and developers that you won’t get at a bigger company. We are here to help you sort out what your business needs and doesn’t need in a website.

All of our web designs are built on a platform that is user friendly. Once your website launches, we work to train you on how to update, add content, and maintain your website giving you the power and freedom of running your day-to-day website operations without having to go through us. We are always there to help our clients with any problems or questions they have though!

If you would like to discuss how Lifted Logic can help your business in Kansas City with a unique web design, Contact Us today by filling out the form below. We will give you a call to set up a free meeting to get a chance to talk about what your business does and what your would like to get out of a website.