videography in kansas cityLifted Logic offers professional videography in Kansas City.  Are you in need of a video for your small business? Lifted Logic in Kansas City believes professional videography will be the next big thing in web design. Websites that are being built with homepage photography sliders are being replaced with websites that have large, fullscreen photos, which are being replaced by websites that have fullscreen HD videos.
Lifted Logic in Kansas City is launching its first website design featuring a fullscreen HD video for AIR Flight Training located in Overland Park, KS. Although we have featured videos on websites in the past, this is our first video done in-house. Our newly hired, full-time professional videographer worked closely with the owner of AIR Flight Training to portray his passion for flying through film. This video goes beyond your standard informational clip; Lifted Logic videos envelop a unique, artistic presence that is unlike any other website design company in the Kansas City area.
Lifted Logic has the ability to demonstrate a company’s service and/or products, create feature stories, and take ordinary testimonials and make them exciting to watch. Our videos display cutting-edge technology and promote credibility and professionalism within your company. We have the equipment to make your videos stand in the spotlight and attract more customers to your site and services.
We are proud to showcase AIR Flight Training’s new website and enjoy working with such a great company! Click here to view AIR Flight Training’s new website design. Interested in viewing Lifted Logic’s past work? Click here to check out Lifted Logic’s videography portfolio.