Think that color isn’t important in a brand? At Lifted Logic, we disagree. Color can say more about your company that any other part of your brand at a glance and can be a tool to conveying a certain emotion or thought in a potential customer.

So you think that color isn’t important to a company’s brand? If you think of big name brands such as Coca-Cola, Yellow Freight or Tiffany and Co. you immediately say that’s “Coca-Cola red” or “Tiffany blue.” Having a specific color for your company, and using is frequently, can lead to your company having greater brand recognition, as well as give a strong part of your logo for people to remember.

Also, colors can relate to emotions and give people specific ideas about your businesses culture. As you can see in the graphic below, different companies brands utilize certain colors in the hopes of conveying an emotion to their clients. Color theory is a large part of design and is always taken into consideration by the graphic designers at Lifted Logic when helping develop a brand for our clients.


Lifted Logic has in-house designers that can work with your company to help create a color palette and unique brand.  To learn more about Lifted Logic’s branding services, Contact Us today to set up a free meeting.

Already have a logo and color but need to find some other colors to compliment it? Try out color scheme designer for a really simple way to build your own color palette.