Lifted Logic: Your Source for Email Marketing in Kansas City

frontLifted Logic provides professional, highly effective email marketing in Kansas City.  From the initial design by skilled graphic designers, to informative copy writing, to detailed analytics, Lifted Logic offers consistent and dynamic email marketing campaigns for your Kansas City business.

Kansas City business owners know how important it is to establish and promote their brand; Email marketing is a fantastic way to show potential customers who you are.  The first step to promoting your brand through email marketing is to work with Lifted Logic’s skilled designers to develop a visual theme that is consistent with your brand.  Need help with your logo?  Our designers will help you create a perfect logo for your business or gave your existing logo a new, fresh look.  Along with the logo, our designers will consider color, texture, visual flow and other elements of design to perfectly represent your brand.

A catchy subject line is an important part of your email marketing in Kansas City.  What are your customers looking for?  Brand new products? A great deal? Upcoming events?  Lifted Logic has the experience to know what subject lines will grab your customers. Once an individual opens your email, they will be greeted with an easy-t0-navigate layout with clear information and links.  “Call to Action” buttons will quickly let the customer know how to interact with your business. “Get a Quote,” “Shop Online,” or “Donate Now” are just a few examples of “Call to Action” phrases.

With email marketing analytics, Lifted Logic will send you regular reports regarding how many individuals received your email marketing, the number of individuals who opened the emails, which information they clicked to be led to your website, how many individuals forwarded the email to another contact, and more!  This important information will tell you who is reading your emails and what features of your business that interest them.

Interested in Email Marketing in Kansas City?  Contact the professionals at Lifted Logic to schedule a meeting.