michael_hoverA web developer in Leawood offer a wide range of services, and at Lifted Logic, our web developers are a step above the rest. Our multi-talented senior web developer in Leawood, Michael Powell, has a vast knowledge of many facets of web development and can integrate nearly any functionality onto a client’s website, whether it’s a complex search function, an employee login system, or creative, interactive features, there’s not much Michael cannot do. Our senior web developer in Leawood is also passionate about music, and has been playing the violin since he was a child, fostering his creativity and technical skills. He still plays his violin to this day and enjoys making music as a hobby. To incorporate his love for art into the occasionally technical side of web development, Michael says,

“Everything from the layout and structure of a site, to the flow of it, I look at code in general as an art and a science.”

Each day, Lifted Logic’s senior web developer is hard at work coding and implementing the website designs and layouts from our graphic designer. Each day presents a new opportunity for learning and growth and Lifted Logic’s senior web developer in Leawood says his motivation for his job comes from seeing code that he built on a functional, gorgeous website. Michael likes directly seeing the ways in which he’s impacted a client’s business and he enjoys watching the unique features of one of Lifed Logic’s custom websites he’s built in action.

Whether it’s starting a brand new website from scratch, or implementing the final details before the website is launched, Lifted Logic’s senior web developer, Michael, approaches each stage of the process with enthusiasm and passion. To get started on your custom website development, and to see what Lifted Logic can do for your company, just fill out the form below or call our office today. We can’t wait to work with you!