Lifted Logic’s Vimeo PRO – Lenexa

With the growth in Lifted Logic’s videography service, we have taken the opportunity to update our Vimeo account to PRO. Vimeo PRO offers many different features such as preferences to embedding videos, your company’s own personal profile to showcase your video profile, choose video playback quality, and much more. Located in Lenexa, Lifted Logic films, edits, and promotes all videos here in Kansas.
Take a look at our new Vimeo PRO profile!

Although we only have five pieces of work we have completed, Lifted Logic knows that this is only the beginning with our videography department and advancement of the new PRO account. Lifted Logic in Lenexa hopes to showcase your company’s videos in our Vimeo PRO portfolio as another outlet to spread the presence of your business on the web. We want to project our abilities and variety of work with testimonials, product promotions, music videos, commercials, etc.
Lifted Logic does not provide just your average video service. We take our work seriously, knowing that how we promote you also reflects on us as a reliable, and original source to all different types of businesses in Kansas. Today, video and web collaboration is constantly changing and updating. At Lifted Logic, we are up to date on the latest video styles and best possible way to create your company’s videos.

Lifted Logic is dedicated to helping you grow your business organically and efficiently. We believe video is going to help tremendously with our efforts.
Vimeo PRO has provided us with a great opportunity to create an organized and visually appealing portfolio for clients and ourselves with the best possible quality available. Not longer will our uploads be limited by time or amount of space available.
We hope you take the time to look at our new and improved Vimeo account! Hopefully in the near future, your business promotional video can become a part of our portfolio.

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