What does your logo say about you?

When was the last time you evaluated your logo? Does it represent the personality of your company? Was it designed more than 10 years ago? Do you even have a logo? Your logo should be the biggest marketing tool you have. It is the visual signature for your company. It should be in a prominent location on every form of communication that potential customers see. Your logo should evoke a certain emotion reflecting your business’ personality.

There are several things to consider when designing your logo:

Coming up with adjectives that best describe your business is a great start. Here are some adjectives that we ask our clients to consider when describing their business: trendy, traditional, playful, serious, loud, quiet, simple, complex, subtle, obvious, young or mature. We recommend coming up with at least 10 adjectives the represent your business.

The next thing to consider is color. Certain colors evoke different emotions. A company with a client base that is more mature and traditional would benefit from using traditional colors on the color wheel. If a companies client base is more youthful and playful, more vibrant or neon colors would benefit their identity. Take time to learn who your client base is or is geared towards and use colors that will speak to them.

Font is another aspect of design to research. Think about the feeling you get from different fonts. A sans serif font is often times more visually stronger and masculine:

example of sans serif font

While script fonts are more feminine and whimsical.
The font on your logo is extremely important in communicating to your customer base.  It could be the difference between winning or loosing a potential client.

Graphic images are another design element to consider. Often times a graphic image makes a logo more memorable. Think of Apple, Nike or McDonald’s, they are each identified by the graphic images used in their logo. Using your adjectives, think about how you want your business to be portrayed and if there is a certain image, character or design that reflects your brand, make sure to incorporate it.
Finally, your logo should be a vector based EPS image that is scalable for the finished file.

So take a look at your logo and ask yourself… does this represent my business’ personality? Whether you are just starting your business or thinking of giving your business a face lift; Lifted Logic can help. We specialize in Logo Design and would love the opportunity to work with you on your logo.