Are you looking for unique logo design for the plaza? Before seeking out which company you would like to use, make sure you do your homework and a bit of research. When beginning the process of branding or rebranding your company, there are a few key things that your should know because any good graphic designer will be asking you these same questions.

First, you must decide what type of logo your company wants. I know what you’re thinking; what do you mean what kind of logo do I want? Well when you boil down logo design into a simple explanation there are 3 types of logos (shown below from left to right); a stand alone, a wordmark, and a combination of these two.

nike_logo visa_logo mercedesbenz_logo

A stand alone logo, or symbol logo, is just that; a symbol that represents your company. One of the most well known stand-alone logo designs in the world is the Nike “swoosh.” In stand-alone logos there are usually no words, sometimes a tagline, but the bulk of recognition comes from the symbol itself. This type of logo can take awhile for people to begin to recognize, but is more versatile to incorporate in other designs.

Word mark logos take the name of the company and stylize it in a way that makes it unique, but still really easy to identify the company’s name. Visa and Google are good examples of word mark logos that look clean and unique without a lot of extra frill. This type of logo design works best for company’s with shorter names,  but can still be made for almost any company.

Finally, a combined logo takes elements from the previously mentioned logo styles. This type of logo design usually features a designed symbol, like the stand-alone, combined with type that is less styled than that of the word mark logo design. The nice part about this logo design is that it is a good stepping stone to having a stand-alone logo. Implementing this type of logo design gives you the option to later have a stand-alone logo once your company gains more brand recognition just like Mercedes-Benz.

Now that you know a little about logo design you have a good starting point for looking for a logo design company for the Plaza. Lifted Logic features an in-house creative strategist who will work with you to decide what type of logo design will best suit your company’s needs. All meetings are free because we want to get to know you and your company in order for us to design the best pieces we can for you. To Contact Us fill out the form on the right, and we will get in touch with you shortly to get started on your logo design on the Plaza.