Are you a business owner looking to give your company a make-over? There are a lot of ways you could do this but having a new logo design is always a good place to start! Lifted Logic in Kansas City is a web-consulting agency but don’t let our name fool you. We are a group of creatives and developers who offer a range of services from graphic to web design, photo and video as well as custom software development but our favorite thing to do is combine our services in different ways to best suit our clients needs.

Our in-house graphic designer can kick-off your re-branding with a unique logo design, fitting in with your company’s personality and industry. Having a good logo design is the foundation upon which you will build the rest of your businesses brand from promotional items to your online presence. Your logo design can also set the tone for what type of clients you want to attract or how you want to be perceived as a company. One of the easiest ways to spot a small company versus a large company is their logo; often small business don’t have the initial resources to hire a designer for their logo and so in comparing their logo to large companies you can often see the difference in quality.

Lifted Logic understands what goes into running a small business, which is why we do our very best to provide high-quality work at a more affordable rate. If you are interested in sitting down for a free meeting with Lifted Logic and get to know more about how we can help your business contact us today by filling out the form on the right. We will call you to set up a meeting as soon as possible!