logo designIs your company looking for a logo design in Stilwell? If you google logo design many times you will see companies in the paid ad section promising you a slew of logo designs to choose from for any price range and any time frame. These sites often turn your logo design into a competition, pitting graphic designer against one another for your business, and this of course sounds like a great thing right? The team here at Lifted Logic disagrees with this method for a logo design. We feel that having a one on one relationship with a graphic designer that you committed to using ultimately leads to a much better and more unique logo design. There is an invaluable aspect of getting to work one on one with a graphic designer; sitting down face-to-face, hearing their suggestions and communicating your ideas and ultimately being able to get the explanation behind the design choices they made when creating your logo design. Using a web service that has multiple graphic designers working on one project or outsourcing to other countries eliminates your chance to have a relationship with your designer and having that relationship can lead to projects going smoother and looking cohesive later on down the road.

Here’s a little about Lifted Logic’s process to give you an idea of how we work… First and foremost we always start a project by sitting down with you, the client, so we can get to know your company and what you are wanting as a result of working with us. This meeting is completely free because we want to get to know you can make sure we will be the best fit for your needs. After our meeting is when the fun begins. Based on a short survey we have you fill out about your likes and dislikes we create several logos for you. We have a second meeting to review these logos, and you tell us what colors, graphics and fonte you like best. With this feedback we go back and rework the logo design into a couple of tailored options. These are what you choose your final logo from. You still get the freedom of choosing between several logos while also getting to work with the designer face-to-face. If you areĀ interestedĀ in setting up a meeting with Lifted Logic contact us by filing out the form on the right. We will contact you shortly about getting started on your logo design.