greenscreenLooking for a green screen for film in Kansas City? Green screen technology is the foundation of the effects seen in film from the newest Hollywood blockbusters to the weather forecast on your local news. The concept is simple; if you shoot a video with a single colored backdrop (typically blue or green), Lifted Logic in Kansas City allows you to make that color transparent. We then replace it with a video clip, graphic or still image to your liking.
With a green screen, you have the ability to superimpose anything or anyone into any shot. You can transport yourself into outer space, make a presentation with all the appropriate facts and figures, or show in your favorite film.  Lifted Logic in Kansas City has recently updated our video production services. With all of the latest technology, equipment, and professional staff, we have the ability to turn any of your ideas into reality.
If your company is interested in renting a green screen or looking for green screen services in Kansas City, Lifted Logic is a quality company to work with. Along with our green screen and videography services, Lifted Logic specializes in web design, mobile website optimization, SEO services, graphic design, and more!  Fill out the form on the right and discover how Lifted Logic in Kansas City can help you.