Loqey Kansas City Video Production


With Lifted Logic’s video portfolio improving and growing, our videographers take notice in other local video production helping the small business community. Located in Wyandotte, Kansas, Loqey video production provides an affordable video source here in Kansas City! Loqey produces different genres of videos to help assist in promoting businesses online. Their portfolio includes testimonials, product introductions, email campaigns, etc. Their concise and simple video style offers a way for businesses to have a better online presence without taking too much out of their wallet.
Check out some of Loqey’s video production created here in Kansas City!

Lifted Logic appreciates the work of passionate videographers, such as Loqey, that have the same goal of assisting the small business community. The video production in Kansas City produced by Loqey touches the basics of what companies need for an extra boost at an affordable price.

If your business is looking to have a video production team that dedicates their time to unlimited filming hours and an professionally edited video finished in a matter of 2 weeks, then Lifted Logic is a great outlet for you. Our visually appealing and artistic aesthetic not only touches the important information needed, but also goes above and beyond the expected testimonial or promotional. Our team is passionate about quality and original work that projects an outstanding persona of your company. The in house video production members are well equipped for the creative edge your business may need to draw in new customers, and still keep old cliental.
We guarantee a video you will be more then happy with, and one that you can proudly display on the front page of your website we design organically.
If you are interested in a remarkable video for your company, check out our video portfolio on vimeo and fill out the contact form on the right!