Make sure your website accommodates mobile device users through responsive web design from Lifted Logic in Overland Park.

Can your website be conveniently used and navigated on mobile devices? With the increasing use of cell phones and tablet computers, it’s important that customers are able to find their way around your website using any technological device. Lifted Logic uses analytic programs to track what devices customers are using when they are viewing our website. We have found that an astounding number of viewers are using mobile devices, both tablets and smart phones. With that being said, it is key that these viewers have the ability to search our website with ease when using their cell phone or tablet computer.
Lifted Logic in Lenexa can customize your website to fit the needs of your customers using cell phones and tablet computers. This can be especially useful if your website includes e-commerce (an online store) so they can purchase and checkout items anytime, anywhere! If your website features video, it’s important that these can be seen on cell phones and tablet computers as well.
Most cell phone and tablet computer users prefer a mobile optimized site to a mobile app; there’s less hassle and more information available. More importantly, did you know that mobile users, especially tablet users, spend more on your website than their non-tablet friends do? Consider the tablet owner demographic – the tablet owner tends to be more affluent, more tech-savvy, and searching for something to purchase.
It’s clear that mobile device use is on the rise, and it would be in your interest to optimize your website to accommodate those users through responsive web design. Let Lifted Logic in Overland Park help you optimize your website for mobile viewing!