Business cards… we all have them, but are yours helping you stand out form the competition in a good way? We know that it is tempting to order generic business cards online because of the low price they offer but Lifted Logic is challenging you to look at it another way… If you hand out a generic business card, it may get buried in a pile never to be seen again. If you hand out a great looking card (that in the end doesn’t cost much more than bad cards) and you generate a sale from it you have already paid off your entire box of cards as well as gained a client. When you think about it this way, investing a little more in your business cards initially can tremendously help your business grow and make the right kind of impressions.

So if you are still reading you are probably curious about how Lifted Logic designs business cards that stand out in a good way. Well it’s easy really… We start out by designing a great card. If you aren’t interested in fancy finishes at least invest in a great design because great design is the first step to standing out. Other ways our business cards stand out is the paper we use. Our printer uses high quality paper, that feels different from the moment you hand it to a client. Finally, we work with our printer to offer you unique finishes such as spot UV and aquafoil.

If you are interested in learning morea bout how Lifted Logic can help your business cards stand out, contact us today by filling out the form on the right and we will contact you to set up a free meeting!