Build an engaging brand, without using your precious time

These days, the hallmark of a successful website, and brand, is being constantly relevant to users.

“The brands that can connect with clients in a real way will win.”

Through blogging and dozens of social media channels, the walls between corporations and customers have come down. The general public now expects to be able to engage with businesses in a way that was never possible before and if you just don’t have the time to constantly make yourself relevant, count on Lifted Logic’s copywriters and marketers to boost your company’s online presence.

Ongoing Content Creation

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” – Doug Kessler

Lifted Logic offers regular blogging services to help users more easily find your website in the major search engines. Through these regular posts, Google will recognize your website as one that is more useful to searchers, in addition to recognizing that since you publish so many articles on your industry, you may be in a more authoritative position than your competition. We work within a variety of budgets and with a variety of businesses to create a customized ongoing content creation strategy that has the best advantage for long-term success.

Social Media Management

We can provide our services to a variety of social media platforms, from Facebook or Twitter, to Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more!

Our social media management services include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Regular informative posts: This is done by linking your blog to your business’ Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Posting photos of office news and activities: This helps show your clients, and potential clients, your office’s unique culture. If you’re having a holiday party, or if you ran into something interesting on the job, we can share it to the world with a clever caption!
  • Posting relevant industry news: Interesting images, quotes, or articles may be incredibly relevant to your business. Let us find and post them to provoke customer engagement and discussion.
  • Interacting with customers: Our writers can help you interact with customers to show that you care about their individual needs and value their business and loyalty.

Whether you’re in need of on-site content or engaging social media management, Lifted Logic’s knowledgeable team will help you engage with the public and really showcase your business’ values and unique culture to the world!

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