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Display & Remarketing Ads are unique advertising approaches that can help further increase leads with continued engagement or by recognizing your audience and their unique interests. These two marketing approaches can be combined or separated, depending on the goal of your business’ campaign(s). Both approaches are managed within Google AdWords by Lifted Logic’s in-house AdWords expert.

“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.” 

Display Marketing

Display marketing refers to ads that are placed not directly on Google’s search engine, but rather on secondary websites. Image or text ads are placed on websites that are selected as relevant to your industry or to the interests of your clientele. These settings are managed within Google AdWords and are communicated to those secondary websites. This approach creates additional opportunities for your business to be seen and investigated.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads have a different setup.

Here’s a helpful description of Remarketing, straight from Google:

“Remarketing can help you reach people who have previously visited your website. You can even show these previous visitors ads that are tailored to them based on which sections of your site they visited. Your ads could appear to them as they browse other sites that are part of the Google Display Network or as they search for terms related to your products on Google.”

Remarketing ads are a fantastic approach for any business that has an extended buying cycle or offers seasonal opportunities. Remarketing is also an excellent way to target users that you know are already at least mildly interested in your products or services.

Count on Lifted Logic to most effectively manage all your advertising efforts.

Both of these platforms have almost unlimited opportunity, so it is important that the campaigns are set up with proper intentions. With unlimited opportunity comes unlimited spending. However, understanding how to filter the opportunities and ensure proper ad engagement takes more than just an expert—it takes an expert with the proper intentions for your business’ goals.

At Lifted Logic, we take pride in assuring that our clients’ campaigns are run with integrity. Let us help engage your audience properly and create additional growth opportunities.

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