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If someone makes a purchase from you, or signs up for your e-newsletter, it is likely that they are interested in your company and brand, and will enjoy hearing from you from time to time. There are few better ways to keep top-of-mind awareness in customers, or potential customers, that you definitely know are interested in what you have to offer than through email marketing. Let Lifted Logic’s writers, designers, and marketers create an email marketing strategy that helps drive user experience and conversion across the board.

“Never forget social media is for reach but email is for revenue.” – Bryan Eisenberg

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great strategy to communicate your message with customers and prospects. The strategy has been around since the inception of email and can still provide incredible results when executed properly.

The approach to email marketing should change with your target audience. Are you utilizing a new group or list of emails to target as potential new clients, or are you attempting to re-enchage your current clients and update them about new products or seasonal offers? Let Lifted Logic be sure that your message, intent, and strategy match your goals and alight with a measurable and appropriate interaction.

Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter marketing is another way of utilizing a familiar audience and keeping them up-to-date with events, new services or products, specials, or seasonal company updates. Keeping your products and services in front of current clients and encouraging them to return and engage with your company is a key piece of a successful business plan.

At Lifted Logic, we help create successful email and e-newsletter campaigns through email newsletter services like MailChimp and Constant Contact. We will design a beautiful newsletter and fill it with important content for your audience(s). Let us help you utilize every type of marketing available to help grow your business.

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