Grit N Gravy is a family owned and operated mobile food truck in Kansas City, Missouri. You may have seen them in downtown Kansas City on your lunch break, or outside of the Power & Light District after a late night on the town. They came to us needing a menu design in Kansas City for their customers to use while they wait to order or to take with them. We sat down to discuss what they wanted in their menu design, and figured out that red and white checkerboard pattern was a big part of their truck’s design, as well as their logo, the bird in the chefs hat. First we had to vector the bird in order to get it to a quality that we could use for the menu design. After that we played with some different textures and decided to go with a crinkled paper look set off by a clean sans serif font for easy readability. They loved the menu design when we showed it to them and were excited to get their menus ordered with our Online Printing Service.

This is a menu design in Kansas City that will be memorable for all who see it, and will set Grit N Gravy apart from their competition.