Look around you the next time you are in public, and count the number of people who are on their smartphones… There will probably be a lot. With such a high percent of the American population using smart phones it is becoming almost a necessity to have a website that looks good on a computer, tablet, and smartphone!

The old method was to build separate sites, for various devices, but this is costly not to mention you have to update all of the sites! The new method of creating mobile and tablet friendly websites is through responsive design. When we say responsive design we mean that as screen sizes change, a website adjusts; it expands, contracts and reorganizes itself to make sure that the design is still cohesive and looks good but in the end it is still the same website, not multiple sites!

Whether you are building a new website, or just adjusting your current site to be mobile optimized, you want to make sure that you are having it done correctly. Lifted Logic can take a look at your site to discuss making it mobile optimized or if it is a better route to build a new website that is already mobile optimized. Contact us today by filling out the form on the right, and we will get in touch to set up a free meeting to discuss mobile optimization and how it can help your business.