Mobile Optimized Web Development Overland ParkMobile Optimized Websites in Overland Park from Lifted Logic can give your business the edge it needs. With the rate at which technology has advanced, most people with a cell phone have a smart phone and those people are browsing the web on their phones. The industry standard used to be build a website and build a mobile site, which works but it causes more work when you need to update your site. The new trend for websites is mobile optimized websites.

Mobile Optimized Websites are build in a way that the site detects the screen resolution and alters the design to look its best at that resolution, from large screens to tablets and cell phones. This means that if your business has a mobile optimized site, clients can navigate your site from any device with ease plus you only have to edit ONE website rather than your site and your mobile site. This saves you time and makes your business look good.

Building a mobile optimized site is not at costly as many clients think. In reality if you build a mobile optimized site from the start it is easier than converting a site to me optimized later on down the road. To learn more about how Lifted Logic’s mobile optimization services can help your business in Overland Park, contact us today and we will be glad to talk and set up a free meeting to discuss how mobile optimization can help your business in Overland Park.