Is your website optimized for mobile devices? If not, contact Lifted Logic about our excellent mobile website development in Kansas City!

You may have heard recently that Google announced an algorithm overhaul in early April, telling webmasters and site owners that the search giant would be implementing a new algorithm on April 21, 2015 which will prioritize mobile friendly websites in the search results. Essentially, if your business does not have a website that functions properly on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, your website will no longer be shown to users performing a search from their phones or tablets.

Since mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic on the internet, you can see how vital it is to have a mobile-optimized website these days. At Lifted Logic, we have ensured that every single project we complete for a client includes our mobile website development in Kansas City, and across the United States, for years. We believe the work we complete for our clients must give them all the tools for online success, and therefore, no web project that we perform can be without our mobile website development in Kansas City.

How does Lifted Logic’s mobile website development in Kansas City work?

We’re glad you asked! With the way that our talented developers work, we do not need to create a separate “mobile website” anymore. After your website undergoes our mobile website development in Kansas City, it will just work across all platforms, browsers, and devices. We take the most critical components of the site’s design and function and ensure that anyone, no matter how they choose to browse your website, will have a similar, positive experience.

You can be sure that with Google’s prioritization of mobile-friendly websites, other search engines will be sure to follow suit. If you are in need of mobile website development in Kansas City, do not hesitate to contact Lifted Logic today!